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Essential oil. Is it really essential?

Recently, I realised J2 kept having cough. He will always cough for around 1-2 weeks, recovered for one week and the cycle repeated itself.  Brought him to many doctors, but always don’t seem to stop his cough from recurring.

Out of desperation, I suddenly remember my friends had been discussing about this essential oil named “Thieves“. Quite an unusual name i would say. Anyhow, they mentioned that whenever their children are down with cough or cold, they usually apply this oil onto their feet before they sleep.

So without much second thought, i decided to try it out. When I reached the Young Living Singapore office, wow, I was consumed by the strong smell inside. My helper and my son refused to go in due to the smell. LOL. Anyhow after a 2 hours long wait, I gotten myself quite a few oils to try it out. – Lavender, Thieves, Joy, Peace and Calming, Lemon grass etc. Was given a free diffuser too for the amount I spent. Seems quite a good deal.


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Anyway, i tried out Thieves immediately the night itself by putting two drops of it and rub on the soles of J2. Not really sure back then was it because he was in the midst of recovery or really the oil was taking its effect, J2 recovered in 2 days time.  And just 2 days back, i went Ikea shopping and i gave J2 ice-cream. Kinda regret it after that because he started “ahem ahem” with lots of phlegm  in his throat then followed by few coughing. I was stunned and thinking what a bad mummy I am to offer him ice-cream when he is so prone to cough.

After i reached home, i diffused Thieves in his room for few hours. The next morning i was totally amazed that he didn’t cough at all and no sigh of cough. With that, I conclude this thing really works.

I tried Lavender oil on myself, and it does help me to sleep better. So parents with children who are constantly coughing or need a good night sleep, you could give this a try.

Did some research on essential oils and these are some of the information I found :

  1. The different types of essential oils and their shelf life 
  2. Different benefits of these oils
  3. About Young Living’s essential oils and the testimonies on Fox News

Essential oils actually can help to prevent and perhaps cure some of the sickness and ease our emotions,  release our stress and even can help us in our looks.  Read on some people use them in their diet, their facial mask, and also to purify the air from the haze which we Singaporeans suffers every now and then.

I personally believe this is a good product, but it is never a replacement of medicine for serious sicknesses. I witness some people was treating this like miracle oils, believing that they can do wonders in healing.  If your little one is very sick, please bring him to see a pediatrician, and not waiting to see if any of these oils will heal him eventually.

For even more information, you can join some groups set up on Facebook to help you on the usage of these oils or alternatively, you can leave a comment here. I believe some of my friends will be happy to answer your queries.

So verdict for this essential oils : Thumbs up!

ps : this is not a sponsored post.