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Onwards Baby Diaper Review

Hi all, i’m back with the feedback after trying out this new diaper. Erm.. i mean my son trying out the diaper. =P


First of all, the diaper looks cute with the image of  Tom and Jerry Kids. The texture is rather soft but not as soft as Merries if you have used that before.  The M size he tried was for 6-11Kg , which is quite an average cutting for my son who is already 8 kg at 5 month old.  I believe it might be a bit too small if my son hits 10 to 11 Kg since he is of the 90 percentile.


After using them for a night and 2 days, this diaper doesn’t leak as compared to some other brand even after using it for 12 hours overnight.  As for their poo, it was well contained in the diaper. Lastly no rash detected despite my little boy has mild eczema.

So my VERDICT is : Thumbs up! Worth every coin you spent especially it is only 12.90 for a pack of 70 for this promotion. Hurry, get yours today from NTUC.  Promotion ending on 9th October 2014.

P/S : this is not a sponsored post.

New Diaper in Singapore – Onwards Baby Diapers review

Recently there is a new diaper found in Singapore and sell exclusively in NTUC. Free samples can be collected from AMK Hub, Tampines Mall NTUC or Jurong Point NTUC XTRA. I just gotten myself a packet to try for my baby.


Stay tune for my review.