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what’s your love language?

Wow been a long while since i last posted.

Been kinda busy with so many things in my mind while my body remains in one place – home LOL.

Christmas season is coming.. know your family and friends’ love language. Through a recent post in a group, i realise everyone treats gift giving and gift receiving differently. One can be very careful and thoughtful in her gift to her friends and get upset when the same amount of thoughtfulness wasnt given. Such as giving a skirt to a baby boy’s full month or baby shower.

I encountered this as well few times personally.  I feel for this person totally as i was totally upset too. To the other party, it’s not a big deal. Just a wrong gift, but she made the effort to attend isn’t it. So, this person’s love language is having quality time.

Thus i really feel regardless towards our family or friends, we should make an effort to know their love language. Maybe what they wanted is not your presents but your presence.


Basically there are 5 types of love languages, namely :

  1. Words of affirmation
  2. Receiving gifts
  3. Physical touch
  4. Quality time
  5. Acts of service

Want to know more about love language, you can get these books to read about it

or alternately, you can read more about these in this website :

I am still in the mist of finding out my sons’ love language. It seems to be a mystery LOL. I asked both of them, do you prefer daddy and mummy spending time with you or do you prefer receiving presents from us? J1 is rather greedy i guess that he couldn’t up his mind, whereas J2 immediately said, “presents”, but after a while, he said that he also like us to be around LOL. I guess towards our children, we will show them all our love, no matter what languages they have.

So, what’s your love language? Do share with me about it =)

Hold on, don’t let go

It was a rainy night on my birthday. My boys after our celebration in Pizza Hut started their fight again.

Their fighting makes me very frustrated and the rain seems to come for a good reason. We had only 2 umbrellas. Hubby said to wait for the rain to stop, but as usual, I had my ideas. I took one umbrella and pass to J1 and asked him to share with J2. He took it grudgingly and started whining away that J2 will not share with him. I took control of the situation and demanded that J1 must hold onto the umbrella and J2, while J2 must hug the waist of J1.

After a little complaint here and there from J2, we all started walking home despite of the rain. The two of them walked slowly and steadily and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling away how cute they look together when not fighting.

Along the way back, I told J1 , hold J2 tightly and we will go through this. Not sure why, i continued with this sentence, “Be it rain or any hardship or trouble, remember hold on each other tightly and you will be able to go through it. He is your brother and forever will be”

Yes, friends… Be it your siblings, your parents or your spouse, hold on each other in hard times, we will certainly go through it. Don’t ever let go, hardship is only for the moment, family is there forever. Hold on, don’t let go.