About Me

hello everyone

Welcome to my blog.  This blog is officially launched on my XX’s birthday. LOL sorry for the mystery age.

I am a sahm and a mother of 3 boys. I enjoys cooking, baking, crocheting, gaming, photography and many many things which strike my interest. I always address myself as a jack of all trade but master in none.

I graduated with a Diploma in Computer Information from JSIST in Singapore Polytechnic but after I left my job as a software engineer, i never touched any software that is programming related.

I worked in many fields before.
1.  Esso petrol kiosk cashier cum Delifrance baker – this was my favorite job til now. i was doing full time night shift for nearly a year while pursuing my part time Diploma in Theology.

2. Kumon Assistant chief instructor – helping my boss back then to run a Kumon centre for few years. This job taught me alot of things from managing staffs to the expectations of parents and i had done interviewing of staffs too.

3. Insurance agent in Prudential and AIA. guess what? i have all the certificates that are needed for almost all types of insurances

4. Account assistant in a travel company.

5. Customer service officer in a MLM company

6. Waitress in Goodwood Park Hotel cafe and Resort world casino – really open my eyes to this big world around me.

7. Online accessories business and lastly, a direct sales in one of the MLM companies.

8. Event photographer – done quite a few actual day wedding photo shoots and children parties.

9. Actually did quite a few part time short term jobs as well such as house cleaner for a 3 stories house, hamper packer, sale assistant, surveyor etc etc.

With my colourful presentation of my previous job, you can say i am quite a blessed woman who has a supportive hubby who allows me to explore different fields of work. Some people feel that i cant stay in a job for long. Actually the fact is.. i could. Kumon was the longest staying job for me. I started by working part time there while pursuing a course, then the boss offered me the full time position of running the centre, and all in all, i stayed there for nearly 5 years?

Anyway back to the blog…the above sounds like a resume, doesn’t it? Hehe

Part of the reasons I started this blog was because I feel that i have so much things to share based on what i have been through and what i have learnt.  I love to comment on things around the world, on food(nope, not going to be a food critic), sharing about motherhood, recipes and own thought in my own world.

Feel free to drop by and comment or give me encouragement as i embark in this “journalism” of my life along with my 3 precious boys and my dearest man.

To God be the glory forever and ever.

Joanne Lim

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