My first time – online shopping

After many months of seeing friends posting on Facebook about their loot from Taobao, Carters, Gap and many more. I no longer can contain myself anymore but decided to explore this part of the internet world which i yet to dive in.

I started with and and jumped in without the know-how and made my first order.  I was fascinated by the cheap price in USD and started adding items into my cart. Took me few days to complete deleting and adding my orders and finishing it just before the sales was over. LOL realised my habit dies hard. In an actual store, i will be busy adding garment to my basket and next moment removing them from it again. If i ever take another stroll towards the same corner, i find myself adding back the same garment back to my basket.

Through this few days “journey” of editing my cart, and finally finished my first order, I learnt quite a fair bit of things. Firstly, after my first order, i realised there are more sales coming up and sales after sales and even free shipping on some days. It sort of make me feel so silly in trying to rush for time. Secondly, after browsing the whole online store for about a week, i found out the store doesn’t have much new arrivals and all the items were the same everyday. And after 3 weeks of still browsing the store, i found out there is a particular time when the store will be filled up with lots of much cheaper items and cuter clothing such as the jumpers and the bibs.

While exploring the shopping, i explored the shipping site too. Made two orders using two different forwarders. CGW ( and VPost ( Carters/Oshkosh itself is using UPS, CGW is using Fedex and VPost, speedpost.

Stay tune for pictures of my loot and the result of my comparison. Will keep you guys updated on my loots as well.

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