what’s your love language?

Wow been a long while since i last posted.

Been kinda busy with so many things in my mind while my body remains in one place – home LOL.

Christmas season is coming.. know your family and friends’ love language. Through a recent post in a group, i realise everyone treats gift giving and gift receiving differently. One can be very careful and thoughtful in her gift to her friends and get upset when the same amount of thoughtfulness wasnt given. Such as giving a skirt to a baby boy’s full month or baby shower.

I encountered this as well few times personally.  I feel for this person totally as i was totally upset too. To the other party, it’s not a big deal. Just a wrong gift, but she made the effort to attend isn’t it. So, this person’s love language is having quality time.

Thus i really feel regardless towards our family or friends, we should make an effort to know their love language. Maybe what they wanted is not your presents but your presence.


Basically there are 5 types of love languages, namely :

  1. Words of affirmation
  2. Receiving gifts
  3. Physical touch
  4. Quality time
  5. Acts of service

Want to know more about love language, you can get these books to read about it

or alternately, you can read more about these in this website :http://www.5lovelanguages.com/

I am still in the mist of finding out my sons’ love language. It seems to be a mystery LOL. I asked both of them, do you prefer daddy and mummy spending time with you or do you prefer receiving presents from us? J1 is rather greedy i guess that he couldn’t up his mind, whereas J2 immediately said, “presents”, but after a while, he said that he also like us to be around LOL. I guess towards our children, we will show them all our love, no matter what languages they have.

So, what’s your love language? Do share with me about it =)

Essential oil. Is it really essential?

Recently, I realised J2 kept having cough. He will always cough for around 1-2 weeks, recovered for one week and the cycle repeated itself.  Brought him to many doctors, but always don’t seem to stop his cough from recurring.

Out of desperation, I suddenly remember my friends had been discussing about this essential oil named “Thieves“. Quite an unusual name i would say. Anyhow, they mentioned that whenever their children are down with cough or cold, they usually apply this oil onto their feet before they sleep.

So without much second thought, i decided to try it out. When I reached the Young Living Singapore office, wow, I was consumed by the strong smell inside. My helper and my son refused to go in due to the smell. LOL. Anyhow after a 2 hours long wait, I gotten myself quite a few oils to try it out. – Lavender, Thieves, Joy, Peace and Calming, Lemon grass etc. Was given a free diffuser too for the amount I spent. Seems quite a good deal.


YLdewdrop YLdewdrop2 20141013_192522 20141013_192504

Anyway, i tried out Thieves immediately the night itself by putting two drops of it and rub on the soles of J2. Not really sure back then was it because he was in the midst of recovery or really the oil was taking its effect, J2 recovered in 2 days time.  And just 2 days back, i went Ikea shopping and i gave J2 ice-cream. Kinda regret it after that because he started “ahem ahem” with lots of phlegm  in his throat then followed by few coughing. I was stunned and thinking what a bad mummy I am to offer him ice-cream when he is so prone to cough.

After i reached home, i diffused Thieves in his room for few hours. The next morning i was totally amazed that he didn’t cough at all and no sigh of cough. With that, I conclude this thing really works.

I tried Lavender oil on myself, and it does help me to sleep better. So parents with children who are constantly coughing or need a good night sleep, you could give this a try.

Did some research on essential oils and these are some of the information I found :

  1. The different types of essential oils and their shelf life 
  2. Different benefits of these oils
  3. About Young Living’s essential oils and the testimonies on Fox News

Essential oils actually can help to prevent and perhaps cure some of the sickness and ease our emotions,  release our stress and even can help us in our looks.  Read on some people use them in their diet, their facial mask, and also to purify the air from the haze which we Singaporeans suffers every now and then.

I personally believe this is a good product, but it is never a replacement of medicine for serious sicknesses. I witness some people was treating this like miracle oils, believing that they can do wonders in healing.  If your little one is very sick, please bring him to see a pediatrician, and not waiting to see if any of these oils will heal him eventually.

For even more information, you can join some groups set up on Facebook to help you on the usage of these oils or alternatively, you can leave a comment here. I believe some of my friends will be happy to answer your queries.

So verdict for this essential oils : Thumbs up!

ps : this is not a sponsored post.


Baby’s first food 101

Welcome to the wonderful world of food, little ones!

Before i list down the first food we can allow our little ones to savour,  do take note of these food to be age appropriate or safe

  • No turnip, carrot, spinach , or collard green to be given before baby turns the 7th month. This is due to the high nitrates existing in these food which might cause anemia in young infants.
  • For those under 1-year-old :
  1. No honey, baby!  Honey might contains spores which produce life threatening infant botulism.
  2. No moo moo milk. Do not replace baby’s milk with cow’s milk or goat’s milk. These are not good alternative as these do not contain sufficient iron or nutrient for baby’s growth.
  3. No salt/sugar/spice. Some cereals might not indicate sugar in their ingredients, but do take note they are still sweet because sugar might appear in another name.
  4. No soft/blue cheese and shellfish.
  5. No raw or half boiled eggs
  6. No hard raw fruit nor vegetable to prevent choking hazard.
  7. Whole nuts should not be given too. Preferably use paste and if family has issue with nuts allergy, avoid giving as well.
  8. Citrus, berries and kiwi fruit can cause allergy too. Be careful and be watchful when you feed these.

First Food for 6th month – 7th month babies

  • Begin with iron fortified rice cereal mixed with formula milk or breast milk.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Gradually one new food every 3-4 days
  • First vegetables good to begin with : potato, sweet potato, pumpkin. Puree them to smooth texture and add milk. (subsequently, you can omit the milk when baby is able to eat well.)
  • First fruits good to begin with : steamed apple and pear follow by banana and papaya or even avocado puree.
  • First cereals to begin with : Rice cereal, oat, wheat and bran.

We can begin feeding the baby once a day, 1-2 teaspoon, preferably in the bright morning, one hour after first feed . Slowly when they are used to it, we can move on to twice a day, 1-2 tablespoon of food(already mixed with milk) to maximum around 4 tablespoons. These are “agaration” (meaning estimation in singlish) and differs from baby to baby.

So with this, happy weaning babies!

ref : AnnabelleKarma, HPB

Baby’s first taste

It is the time soon.

A time that i cant wait much longer LOL.

A time my little one desires for quite some time…

My little J3 is coming 6th month old soon, and it is time for solid! YAY! Seems like I am more excited than anyone else. I always love feeding baby and making those baby’s food. It really allows my creative juice to flow every time. It is so exciting.

Okay, why only wait till 6th month to start solid and not much earlier despite the recommended age is the 4th month for some pediatrician? Basically, baby doesn’t need other food for these 6 months, and breast milk or formula milk is all that he needed.  Moreover starting earlier might cause the child to develop allergy when his gut and some other organs might not be ready. So if your child is suffering from eczema or your family has a history of eczema or asthma, kindly start his solid after 6th month.

Anyhow before we start things proper, we must watch out for the cues if J3 is ready for it.

  •  he must be able to sit with support and be able to raise his head up steadily without wobbling
  • .20140917_131117
  • his tongue thrust reflex must have disappeared. The reflex is actually meant to prevent them from choking, so if they are ready for solid, the tongue wont push out the food.
  • he might seem hungry even after his usual milk feed and demands feeds more often.
  • he might show interest in what you are eating. My little J3 always tried to grab my cup or spoon whenever he sees me drinking or eating.

Okay, now baby is ready if he fulfilled the above mentioned. Let’s embark with our baby into this journey of satisfying their taste buds.

Starting solid is also called complementary feeding – the process of switching from milk only diet to a mixed one. Milk should still be the major part of his diet throughout his first year despite all the solid food he is given.

For the initial feeding, I recommend we start with plain iron fortified rice cereal or porridge which is cooked to a totally broken down consistency.  Texture should be smooth and runny to help the baby into the process of learning to eat.  I don’t recommend to start with fruits or anything sweet basically to avoid the baby only willing to eat the sweet stuff and reject the plain ones.  Rice cereal is a good first food to introduce as it is the least likely to cause any allergy and iron fortified ones will help meets the baby’s need for iron at this stage.

This is the order for cereal that i will follow : first the plain rice cereal, then follow by brown rice , then oat or buckwheat followed by barley and lastly the multi grain. For every new food you introduce, feed the same food consecutively for 3 days to observe any allergy that might occur.

After the initial cereal feeding, we can increase the consistency and also introduce vegetable or fruit puree. Vegetables should be cooked before you puree it and fruits such as apple and pear should be steamed.

Do take note not to add salt, sugar nor spice into baby’s food. This can help to encourage baby to appreciate natural flavours.

With this, i bring you to my next blog on baby’ first food

Onwards Baby Diaper Review

Hi all, i’m back with the feedback after trying out this new diaper. Erm.. i mean my son trying out the diaper. =P


First of all, the diaper looks cute with the image of  Tom and Jerry Kids. The texture is rather soft but not as soft as Merries if you have used that before.  The M size he tried was for 6-11Kg , which is quite an average cutting for my son who is already 8 kg at 5 month old.  I believe it might be a bit too small if my son hits 10 to 11 Kg since he is of the 90 percentile.


After using them for a night and 2 days, this diaper doesn’t leak as compared to some other brand even after using it for 12 hours overnight.  As for their poo, it was well contained in the diaper. Lastly no rash detected despite my little boy has mild eczema.

So my VERDICT is : Thumbs up! Worth every coin you spent especially it is only 12.90 for a pack of 70 for this promotion. Hurry, get yours today from NTUC.  Promotion ending on 9th October 2014.

P/S : this is not a sponsored post.

My first time – online shopping

After many months of seeing friends posting on Facebook about their loot from Taobao, Carters, Gap and many more. I no longer can contain myself anymore but decided to explore this part of the internet world which i yet to dive in.

I started with Carters.com and Oshkosh.com and jumped in without the know-how and made my first order.  I was fascinated by the cheap price in USD and started adding items into my cart. Took me few days to complete deleting and adding my orders and finishing it just before the sales was over. LOL realised my habit dies hard. In an actual store, i will be busy adding garment to my basket and next moment removing them from it again. If i ever take another stroll towards the same corner, i find myself adding back the same garment back to my basket.

Through this few days “journey” of editing my cart, and finally finished my first order, I learnt quite a fair bit of things. Firstly, after my first order, i realised there are more sales coming up and sales after sales and even free shipping on some days. It sort of make me feel so silly in trying to rush for time. Secondly, after browsing the whole online store for about a week, i found out the store doesn’t have much new arrivals and all the items were the same everyday. And after 3 weeks of still browsing the store, i found out there is a particular time when the store will be filled up with lots of much cheaper items and cuter clothing such as the jumpers and the bibs.

While exploring the shopping, i explored the shipping site too. Made two orders using two different forwarders. CGW (http://www.comgateway.com) and VPost (www.Vpost.com.sg). Carters/Oshkosh itself is using UPS, CGW is using Fedex and VPost, speedpost.

Stay tune for pictures of my loot and the result of my comparison. Will keep you guys updated on my loots as well.